If you have ever wondered what lies behind the facts you read about Middle East politics, or are just curious about the truth behind the facts that you have read on the Internet, here is a quick review of some interesting information that you may not have known about Middle East countries and their involvement with Gambling. Gambling is an ancient practice in the Middle East, though it has spread its influence to other parts of the world. Gambling has been prevalent in the Middle East since biblical times, though it was practiced by the pagans as a form of spiritual pursuit. In fact, many scholars believe that the origin of the concept of Gambling actually comes from the ancient religious practices of the Israelites.

Did you know that the Islamic law considers Gambling as a form of idolatry? While some would debate this, there is no debating the fact that Gambling has been extremely popular among the peoples of the Middle East for centuries. The first contact between Europeans and the Middle East did not begin with gambling, but it was in the 14th Century when European travelers brought with them a whole new world of excitement when they brought with them the practice of Gambling with them. Europe and the Middle East do not just share common interests, but gambling is also closely tied to the Muslim religion. Here are some interesting facts you probably did not know about gambling in the Middle East:

Islam frowns on gambling very severely, but many Muslims allow certain kinds of gaming to take place in their mosques. These include all forms of gambling: Bingo, card games, horse betting, and even slot machines. Many of these gambling games are called mahjongg and are very popular in the Arab communities. pokeriranian.com

While many countries have legalised gambling, Iran has made it illegal to own or even operate a casino. The same applies to neighbouring countries like Pakistan, UAE, and the states of Iraq and Dubai. Despite this law it is still practised freely in these countries and is seen as a way to make money. Many people who live in the Middle East and work in Dubai casinos have never heard of the law on gambling.

While many governments have made some attempts to stamp out this activity, the situation on the ground is very complicated. Many experts believe that the only way to bring down the level of gambling is to implement some type of universal regulation which will prevent people from making wagers online. Since the internet has been such an important part of communications in the past few years, it is difficult to imagine how any regulating body can successfully monitor all of the various sites on the World Wide Web. For this reason most governments tend to leave the decisions on gambling regulation to the private sector.

In the end, the best advice that anyone can give you about Middle East law is to do your research before travelling there. Make sure that you are well aware of the many differences between the various countries in the region, and ensure that you can look up the relevant laws for your own personal safety. This will give you peace of mind and enable you to enjoy your trip. If you want to really experience the true culture of the Middle East, why not book yourself some time in one of the local casinos? It might surprise you to see just how much fun it can be!