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Roulette Betting, Strategy and Rules

Roulette betting is not complicated at all and offers you a wide variety of options and fortunately, when playing at an online casino you are under no pressure whatsoever to rush placing your chips.

Roulette betting – Outside bets

Outside bets on a roulette table simply refer to bets that are placed on the OUTSIDE of the main playing area or grid of 37 or 38 numbers depending on whether it is a European or North American wheel respectively.

1. Red or Black Here you are betting that either a Red number or Black number will come up and pays even money (1/1), in other words, if you bet $5, you win $5. The bet is placed on either the Red or the black diamond or technically, the “rhombus” shape, which is located on the one side of the table. This is probably one of the most popular forms of roulette betting because it is easy to understand that the ball can only land in either a red or a black number and that you could have a 50/50 chance of winning. At this point, I would like to bring your attention to a common gambler’s fallacy by example. Let’s say that Red has come up 6 times. What do you think the chance of Black coming up on the 7th? Better than 50%? Unfortunately not! The result of the next spin of the wheel is not in any way determined or influenced by the previous result, even though the game of roulette may be looked at as a game of probability by many, it is, in fact, a game of luck. Before going into the of the odd or even roulette betting details I want you to consider that, although there are 18 Reds and 18 Blacks on the roulette wheel, there are more red odd number (10 to 8) and conversely, there are more black even numbers.

2. Odd or Even- 0 does not count here and, there are 36 numbers. As with red or black, you are gambling on the ball landing on one of the 18 odd or 18 even numbers, which will pay out even money. This bet is made by placing your chips in the middle of the rectangle marked ‘even’ or the rectangle marked ‘odd’, which will be on either side of the black or red betting area. There are five black even numbers in the first 12, (1 to 12), three black even numbers in the second 12 (13 to 24) and only 2 in the third dozen (25 to 36). Knowing this should influence your roulette betting system, wouldn’t you agree?

3. Low or High- You are betting that the ball will land one a number anywhere between 1 to 18 (Low) or the range between 19 and 36 This bet pays even money (1/1).

4. Dozen bet- There are three dozen numbers marked 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 on the roulette table. 1st will include (1-12), 2nd will include (13-24)and 3rd (25-36) This bet pays 2/1

5. Line bet- Is when you bet on 6 numbers that are intersected by the line. The bet is placed on the line as shown on the roulette table graphic on the right. In this example, if the ball had to land on either 31,32,33,34,35 or 36, you will receive payment of 5/1

6. Column bets – At one bottom end of the set of 38 numbers, arranged into 3 columns of 12 numbers there are boxes marked with the words 2 to 1. If the ball lands on a number that falls within the column you are betting on you win, and you will be paid 2/1.

7. Corner Bet- Is when you place your bet on the intersection of four numbers. As shown in the graphic you will be betting on 22, 23, 25 and 26. The ball landing on one of these numbers will earn you a payment of 8/1

8. Street Bet- When you place your bet on the sideline of 3 numbers it is referred to as a street bet. If numbers 16, 17 or 18 had to come up as shown in the graphic to the right, payment will be 11/1.

9. Split Bet- Is placed on the intersecting line of 2 numbers, in this case, 11 and 14. This bet pays 17/1.

10. Straight up Bet- Here you are gambling that an individual number will come up. This one pays out the best odds at 35/1 to 1 and includes 0 or 00 if you were playing a North American Roulette table.

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Money Management – Casinos

Money management is a concept that has made a joke to play, but it is very wrong. The concept is very popular, and the Commission has found its way into the arsenals of sports bettors. I want to make a bold statement here: Money Management can help! You say: “You are joking, I’m sure the concept of money management is very important.” The truth, “Let me ask these questions: Can I make money from the government proposes to lose the winner?” money management, “I can not wait to turn the negative-positive? If the World Cup to drive the pump to remove the chip?

The answer to all questions is NO! If you placed your bet loses, not the size of GM would make you a winner! All casino games are designed for long-term loser … ALL. So if you need common GM strategy to perfection, you may be able to withstand a bit, but still lose in the long term I step … What happens if the players would be a utopia. “The biggest advantage of the casino-Zero Did you find a casino, which abolished the benefits of home games now, what GM did for you … none of them is the start point of cointegration. ”

So what is GM? You can play more! And if nothing else, the best game if you buy several compositions! The best advice I can give you information about the World Cup is the following: Open a bank account in your bankroll. Put the money in it, may, without the stress of life. Continue to put money on your monthly bill. After accumulating a large amount of money in the account (400 times your stake and are normal and/or 10,000 times the tensile machine). Example: If you bet $ 10 on the table, then you must be at least $ 4000 in your mind. If you play slots 25 cents and put the pieces 3 at a time, you will have $ 7,500 in funds to play

Wait for the good stuff is coming … Leave the money can be useful … Casino account, and the same number of minutes (one-tenth of your bankroll). How to use the interest-free loans casino gambling, and money is still interested in the bill. Now it gets really fun … Area of the house in front of your favorite game and spend less than you earn interest (plus a monthly collection). So, if you play blackjack house edge of 0.05%, you can expect to lose traction every two hours. $ 10 bettor expects to lose about $ 20 every 4 hours of play. It is said that many times you go to the casino every month. Example: if you go twice a week, you will lose $ 40 a week, or about $ 160 per month. Therefore, make sure that the interest accrues more than the sum of the deposit every month, more than $ 160. And the pillows too for about $ 200.

If you win, because of the income and the monthly payment to your account. Continue until you double your bankroll, then double-click in Paris. (And up to two times your money). After defeating the sitting out while in front, even if half of the winnings and continue playing from the other side. Do not invest money that you need! Scared money never wins! Not just words – it is scientifically proven … When you need money or are afraid of losing, you can change the game and strategies to the point where it attracts the interesting strategy.

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How to Win Big at Casino Gambling

Winning at the casino is the new American dream, it seems to be a dream that comes true for very few – except the owners of the establishments. We’ll assume you are not an owner. Then what can you do to improve your chances of winning a piece of the American casino pie? How can you change your luck?

Let me ask you a couple more questions. Do you spend more than you intended to on most of your visits to the casino, win far less money than you would like to win?

If you answered “yes”, you are solidly in with the vast majority of people who visit casinos. Let’s look at what “yes” answers imply. Remember that what you are really saying is that you don’t seem to have as much control over your “luck” AND YOUR BEHAVIOR at casinos as you would like to have. Why? It’s true – psychology is planned for the casino business!

You must look at the casino as your adversary to make it pay. That’s not to say it can’t be fun – after all, wouldn’t it be more fun to walk away from your casino-adversary with bucks in your pocket and a smile on your face than it is to walk away from your casino-friend with empty pockets?

We all know that casinos are set up to give the casino a mathematical edge. The longer you stay, the poorer your odds of winning are. The casinos, then, use psychological methods to persuade you to stay longer – the longer you stay, the greater the odds that they win. The design of the casinos – the colors, the lighting, the space, the chairs, the smells in the air, everything – is analyzed for maximum comfort and appeal.

Let’s take a critical look at some common casino practices.

The free or cheap meals – an all-around winner for the casino – will bring some people in for a bargain meal. If you are already at the games, a cheap meal conveniently available in the casino will keep you in the building at mealtime. When you are out of change, you don’t have to wait around or walk to the change booth for more coin.

Casinos operators carefully plan their lighting. You may have noticed that when you are in a casino it is difficult to determine whether it is day or night. Remember, they are like you (or your money) so much they want you to extend your visit. Many casino operators add a scent to the air.

Putting in a few “hot” machines is also an application of psychology. Your search for the “hot” machine is motivated by the psychological “promise” of a lucky streak. You’ll stay longer and risk more. Some casinos will give you small denominations as change for large bills or, at the tables, small denominations of chips. What’s the reason? As we all know, it is easier to spend a dollar than it is to spend a twenty.

Now you know that in the eyes of the casino you’re merely a “white rat” from whom they are trying to extract the most they can. What can you do about it? Although occasionally casinos go too far and a practice is outlawed, you really can’t do much about changing their use of tricks.

First, you know that your odds of winning decrease in ratio to the length of your visit at the casino. You will be aware of your surroundings and try to note the tricks the casino is using to influence you. Conscious awareness will make them less effective. Pick your games according to your own system – not according to the casino’s planned influence.

We will discuss a couple of the most popular games.

Slot machines

Most slot machines have three reels. The number of combinations for lining them up depends on the number of symbols on each reel. Most machines have between 20 and 28 symbols per reel. To figure out how many combinations there are, you multiply the number of symbols on each reel times itself as many times as there are reels. The fewest combinations that there probably are on a three reel slot are 20 symbols per reel with 3 reels – so we take 20 times 20 times 20 – or 8000 combinations. Theoretically, a certain winning combination would, on the average, appear once in every 8000 spins of the reels.

Each machine can be set at a rate of payback. Let’s say a quarter machine has a payback of 90 percent (the usual rate on quarter machines is 86 to 90 percent). That would mean that for every 100 quarters dropped into the machine it would pay back 90 quarters. The dollar machines often payback between 97 and 99 percent. The best odds are on the dollar slots. They usually have the greatest payback – as we said, payback is between 97 and 99 coins for each coin played.

Another way to play the slots for better winning odds is to form a slot club with other players. Keep records so you learn the characteristics of each progressive game.

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